The London Symphony Orchestra: Still Afloat

  • Catherine P. Mulder


The London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) is my first case study not only because it is the oldest continuously running self-governed enterprise featured in this book, but also because it is ranked the fourth-greatest orchestra in the world according to the leading magazine in the field, Gramophone.1 In fact, there is no US or UK orchestra ranked higher than the LSO, and it is indeed a Worker Self-Directed Enterprise (WSDE), a little detail that many people no doubt ignore, dismiss, or simply don’t know or care to know The LSO’s rich over one-hundred-year history has included multiple domestic and international crises: two world wars, the Great Depression, technological advancements that replace workers, and even Margaret Thatcher. In spite of all these crises and struggles, the LSO is now officially “in the black” and making long-term efforts to remain viable.


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