Symptomatic Fixation, Emotion, and Social Alliance

Part of the Education, Psychoanalysis, and Social Transformation book series (PEST)


Made popular by Freud, the term “symptom” has become widely used to describe oddly motivated and inflexibly repetitive habits of thought. One does not need to know anything about therapy or mental health to see how some individuals, “fixated” upon deeply held beliefs, determinedly deny all rational evidence contradicting such belief. A March 2011 article on the paranoia of American politics in the New Internationalist Magazine discusses three prominent but dubious beliefs still in currency: that the World Trade Center bombings were orchestrated by the American government itself; that health vaccines are the result of a conspiracy within the pharmaceutical industry; and that Obama was born in Kenya and not Hawaii. One of the more interesting (though less popular) claims has been proposed by David Icke, a former UK soccer player, TV personality, and one time Green Party spokesperson. He suggests that George Bush, along with Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Tony Blair, Kris Kristofferson, and American country singer Boxcar Willie are all members of an élite illuminati—shape-shifting, multidimensional, blood-drinking alien reptiles—who have been controlling humanity for centuries. David Icke’s website,, struggles somewhat defiantly to offer evidence in support.


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