International Business Research in Asia

  • Shige Makino
  • T. S. Chan
  • Geng Cui
Part of the The AIB Southeast Asia Series book series (AIBSEAR)


Makino and Yiu (2013) have conducted a systematic literature search of Asian firm strategies published in eight top-tier management journals: Academy of Management Journal (AMJ), Academy of Management Review (AMR), Administrative Science Quarterly (ASQ), Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS), Journal of Management (JoM), Journal of Management Studies (JMS), Organizational Science (OrgSci) and Strategic Management Journal (SMJ). There were 228 articles published between 1980 and 2011, and among the abovementioned eight journals, JIBS and SMJ published 71% of the research on Asian firm strategies with 94 and 69 articles, respectively. In addition, JMS published 19 articles, AMJ and OrgSci each published 18, AMR and ASQ each published 4 and JoM published 2.


Social Capital Foreign Direct Investment International Business Advanced Economy Service Failure 
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  • Shige Makino
  • T. S. Chan
  • Geng Cui

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