Medical and Literary Discourses of Disciplinary Struggle and Regulation

  • Larry Duffy
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As Emma Bovary succumbs to arsenic poisoning, Homais the pharmacist — ‘c’est à dire chimiste!’ (OC I: 619) [‘that is, a chemist’ (Flaubert 2004: 119)] — adds some icing to the cake of his much-advertised scientific erudition by displaying his knowledge of the emerging field of toxicology to Docteur Larivière, summoned from Neufchâtel:

[J]’ai lu que différentes personnes s’étaient trouvées intoxiquées, docteur, et comme foudroyées par des boudins qui avaient subi une trop véhémente fumigation! Du moins, c’était dans un fort beau rapport, composé par une de nos sommités pharmaceutiques, un de nos maîtres, l’illustre Cadet de Gassicourt! (OC I: 683)

[And I’ve even read, Doctor, of cases where people have been poisoned, completely prostrated, after eating blood sausages that had undergone an excessively powerful fumigation! At least, that is reported in a very fine article composed by one of our pharmaceutical luminaries, one of our masters, the celebrated Cadet de Gassicourt! (Flaubert 2004: 287)]


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