At the EU Negotiating Table: What Role for National Bank Supervisors after EU Accession?

  • Aneta Spendzharova
Part of the European Administrative Governance Series book series (EAGOV)


Chapter 5 takes a broader perspective and investigates the implications of the supervisory approaches developed in the four countries over the past 15 years for redesigning the European regulatory framework in the period 2009–2013, following the global financial crisis. The regulatory reforms in Central and Eastern Europe after 1989 harmonized national legislation and practices with those of the EU. During the pre-accession period, governments did not have the option to negotiate on what terms they would adopt the EU’s body of law, the acquis communautaire, and EU legislation was mostly copied into national law (Jacoby 2004; Vachudova 2005; Grabbe 2006). In banking, all Central and Eastern European candidates for EU membership adopted the single market and financial governance provisions in the EU’s acquis.


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