There is little need for an elaborate conclusion, for each of the chapters makes its own argument clearly enough. And should one wish a summary of those chapters, I have provided synopses in the introduction. However, let me close with a word on pleasure, as well as the thematic divisions in the text, between the Song of Songs, masculinities, and paraphilias. Instead of a recipe imposed on the ingredients to be followed slavishly, the structure of the book grew organically from the various chapters. Rather than work to a plan, as I have done on more than one occasion, I adhered to the slogan to write only on a topic that tickled, excited, and drew some genuine passion—the erotics of knowledge in all its way-wardness is perhaps the best way to describe how the book came together. And so the pieces of the book came together, some older pieces now heavily reworked and much new material.


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