Retail Banking

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Retail banking constitutes the main element of the domestic banking system. Therefore, this chapter discusses the developments in the distribution channels, the means of payment, the financial cards market, the loans market and the deposits market in Greece over the last decade. The statistics in Chapter 1 illustrate that the number of retail bank branches in Greece has increased considerably over the last 15 years or so. However, the competitive environment in which banks operate, as well as technological advances, does not allow them to ignore the alternative distribution channels discussed in Section 6.2. The use of cashless means of payment has also developed significantly in recent years (Section 6.3); however, cash maintains its importance in daily transactions in Greece. Section 6.4 provides a detailed discussion of the financial cards market, while distinguishing between credit cards, debit cards and delayed debit cards, while Sections 6.5 and 6.6. discuss the developments in various segments of the loans and deposits market compared with other member states of the EU.


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