Mobilizing from the Home: Environmental Activism



Women’s political activism in Japan has been historically influenced by the dynamic of Confucian nationalism, which has accorded women a distinct set of roles and responsibilities regarding the home. Because of these roles and responsibilities, women’s activism has been grounded in matters related to the home and family. This has meant that one of the primary issue areas Japanese women have addressed have been matters related to the environment. This connection has historical weight as well as political salience given the high number of women participating in environmental movements and nongovernmental organizations. Japan is similar to other industrialized democracies in terms of its experience with industrialization and economic development. These processes are theoretically linked to democratization, and their consequences have ramifications for women as well as the environment. These theoretical linkages are outlined below. This chapter explains the nature and context of Japan’s environmental issues and the links with gender, beginning with a theoretical discussion of these topics.


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