Epilogue — Male Rape is a Feminist Issue/Male Rape is a Feminist Issue!/Male Rape is a Feminist Issue?

  • Claire Cohen
Part of the Critical Criminological Perspectives book series (CCRP)


Over the course of this book, the proposition that ‘male rape is a feminist issue’ has been illustrated in various ways: existing concerns in the literature can be seen to posit that male rape is an issue deserving of feminism’s attention and/or that ‘male’ rape is a by-product of feminism. These are predicated on concerns that male rape is both a problem for feminism and a problem of feminism, and as such they are oriented around combative exchange between opposing camps. But we must not neglect the alternative reading of this work’s proposition: the problematization of male rape as a feminist issue. This approach attempts to shift the focus from the camps themselves to the exchange between them. In this way the fact that existing discourse functions to posit male rape as a problem for and of feminism is of concern, as is the emergence of a particularized and distinct understanding of the male rape victim in relation to a normalized female.


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