Investigation — A Foucauldian Triangulation?

  • Claire Cohen
Part of the Critical Criminological Perspectives book series (CCRP)


My investigation, which arises from my observations and resultant problematization, is concerned with the gendering of rape, and the concomitant appropriation of feminism, in service of governmentality. Specifically, I explore how the present construction of male rape is a highly particularized form, with its own stereotypes and myths, disciplinary niches, and policy and provision — the hallmark of what Foucault terms ‘subjugated knowledge’. I argue that this particularization, enshrined in discursive regularities, impacts to create and sustain an ‘ideal victim’ for visibility and that this itself is key to the deployment of gender in respect of governmentality. Consequently it is this ideal victim construct, pertaining to the male rape victim, which I trace over the course of my triangulation. This chapter explicates precisely how I proceed in this regard. In my initial discussion, I will clarify several concepts, amongst them the ideal victim and governmentality, highlight contingent aspects of my thesis, and describe — in broad terms — my overarching method. Subsequent chapters will apply and develop that method; and discuss the findings.


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