Terrorism against Non-innocents

  • Anne Schwenkenbecher


In the previous part, I established the general difference between terrorism against innocents and terrorism against non-innocents. Innocents are persons not responsible, either on the grounds of individual or accountable collective actions or inactions, or on the grounds of individual or accountable collective omissions, for the significant injustice the terrorist fights. Innocents are therefore not liable to attack by terrorists. Non-innocents, by contrast, can be liable to attack, and, depending on the severity of the injustice in question, even to lethal attack. That someone is non-innocent, however, does not by itself constitute a justification for violent measures against her. In order for an act of lethal terrorism against non-innocents to be justified, a variety of conditions must be met. These conditions will be handled in detail later. The question of whether or not there are situations which allow for innocents to be rightfully targeted in the course of an act of terrorism against innocents will be discussed in Chapter 5.


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