• Anne Schwenkenbecher


This book is a philosophical enquiry into terrorism. To enquire is the genuine task of philosophy. As such, philosophers also enquire into concepts and ideas that at first sight appear to be clear and obvious. It is typical of philosophers to question widely held convictions and commonly accepted norms if these are found to be inconsistent or inaccurate. The aim of this book is to enquire about terrorism in a way which questions some widely held convictions about what terrorism is and how we should judge it. The guiding questions of this book are: What is terrorism, or, how should it be defined? And could terrorism ever be justified? This book invites the reader to approach these matters from a new perspective, according to which terrorism is just one of many forms of political violence. It argues that terrorism is not necessarily morally wrong and not morally worse than war and that if war can be justified, then so can terrorism. The book demonstrates how the political rhetoric surrounding terrorism is part of the political problem terrorism constitutes.


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