Reclaiming School in the Aftermath of Trauma

pp 153-173

Tragedy at Virginia Tech: Recommendations for Mental Health Response to Crisis on Campus

  • Russell T. JonesAffiliated withVirginia TechRecovery Efforts After Adult and Child Trauma Clinic (R. E. A. A. C. T.)
  • , Katharine Donlon
  • , Kelly Dugan BurnsAffiliated withGeisinger Medical Center
  • , Kathryn Schwartz-GoelAffiliated withPark Place Behavioral Health
  • , Mary Kate Law


On the morning of Monday, April 16, 2007, Virginia Tech (VT) student Sueng Hui Cho shot and killed 2 students in a campus dormitory, West Ambler Johnston Hall. In a separate incident, approximately two hours later, he killed 30 students and faculty members in Norris Hall, an academic building. Cho wounded seventeen other students and faculty members in the attack and then committed suicide. In addition to those who were physically injured, many more were affected either by witnessing the events or because they knew someone directly impacted (Virginia Tech Review Panel, 2007).