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Bisexuality and Social Theory

  • Surya Monro
Part of the Genders and Sexualities in the Social Sciences book series (GSSS)


Chapter 1 to this book provided a route into theorising bisexuality from sociological and political science perspectives. It analysed the ways in which bisexualities, and indeed sexualities and genders more broadly, have been historically and culturally constructed. It addressed the role of sexologists and academics both in forging pathological notions of bisexuality and in developing broader, more bisexuality-positive approaches. Chapter 1 also provided a constructionist analysis of prejudice concerning bisexualities. In mapping out these issues, Chapter 1 complemented existing sociological and critical approaches to bisexuality, locating the book within critical bisexuality studies.


Social Theory Sexual Identity Sexual Script Materialist Analysis Bisexual Woman 
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