The Duplicity of Criminal Justice, Violent Crime and the Problem with Punishment

  • Deborah H. Drake
Part of the Critical Criminological Perspectives book series (CCRP)


Much of this book has thus far been concerned with demythologising the assumed purposes of the prison by highlighting its symbolic functions both as a place of punishment and as a mechanism through which dominant ideologies and existing political and economic structures are reinforced. It has also focused on revealing the role the prison is poised to play in socially and economically precarious, yet simultaneously more security- focused global conditions. This chapter moves on to consider, in more detail, the reasons why the failure of prisons and criminal justice systems remain obscured from public view and why it is that they are not the most effective means for responding to problems of harm and violence. To do so, it reflects on and grapples with a number of moral, philosophical and practical problems.


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