Demythologising the Prison and its Uses

  • Deborah H. Drake
Part of the Critical Criminological Perspectives book series (CCRP)


As of this year, 2011, there are 10.1 million human beings living in custodial settings, either as detainees or as sentenced prisoners (Walmsley, 2011). The number of people imprisoned is growing on five continents. The increased reliance on the prison attests to its popularity as a sanction and is indicative of its pre- eminence as a much favoured crime control tool. Prisons persist, in part, as a result of the belief in society that they play a key role in assuring higher levels of human security and social order. Thus, the prison is a well- entrenched feature of national crime control strategies and is poised to play an ever greater role in global crime control agendas and security strategies. This book problematises the persistent use of the prison and its role in the pursuit of higher levels of human security.


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