Common Women: Working Class Values

  • Gillian Evans


Sharon has five sisters, about one of whom — Karen — Sharon tells me, ‘She f[th]inks she’s posh.’ Sharon insists that Karen can’t be posh because they all grew up the same and all her sisters still live on council estates in Bermondsey. I ask Sharon what Karen does for a living and she laughs, explaining, ‘She’s only an estate caretaker.’ I ask Sharon to clarify for me what it is that makes Karen think she’s posh and Sharon says, ‘It’s ’cos she’s got nice f[th]ings and she f[th]inks she’s upper: she’s ’[h]ouse-proud, obsessed about cleanin’.’ Sharon explains that she can’t stand women who are house-proud; she hates the way that women like that ‘carry on’ — as if they’re upper — just because their homes are always clean and tidy and furnished with nice things.


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