Lone Star Challenger: A Taste of Power

  • Robert Swansbrough
Part of the The Evolving American Presidency Series book series (EAP)


George W. Bush’s selection of competent, loyal, and dedicated advisers to help achieve his political ambition represented an important factor in his rise to power. But Karl Rove emerged as the primary person contributing to George W. Bush’s electoral success, a man who embodied the characteristics, strategic thinking, and tactical ruthlessness Bush deemed critical to succeed in national politics. Karl Rove became the omnipresent figure in George W. Bush’s political career, fanning the fires of Bush’s early political ambition. Rove became the first individual, both inside and outside of the Bush family, to recognize and appreciate that George W.’s engaging personality, valuable family legacy, and political instincts (with guidance) could lead to the White House.


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