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Ending Tyranny: Bush’s Democracy Agenda

  • Robert Swansbrough
Part of the The Evolving American Presidency Series book series (EAP)


In his February 26, 2003, address to the American Enterprise Institute (AEI)—less than a month before the Iraq War began—President Bush claimed a free Iraq would provide a “dramatic and inspiring example of freedom for other nations in the region,” thus setting the stage to move forward on the “road map to peace” between Israel and the Palestinians.1 Critics viewed President Bush’s shift from the rhetoric of fear—with its focus on Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction—to the rhetoric of freedom as a calculated effort to boost public support for his march toward war with Iraq. But after the “coalition of the willing” toppled the Hussein regime, President Bush’s vision of a democratic Middle East developed into a “forward strategy of freedom.”2


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