To the Heart of Exile: The Poetic Odyssey of Luo Fu

  • John Balcom


Luo Fu (Lo Fu) is the penname of Mo Luofu, born in Hunan Province in 1928. He started writing poetry in mainland China in the mid-1940s. He joined the military during the war and was part of the Guomindang (GMD) exodus to Taiwan in 1949, a move that would have a profound impact on his life and writing. He cofounded the Epoch Poetry Society with Zhang Mo (b. 1931) and Ya Xian (b. 1932) in 1954 and served as editor of the association’s Epoch Poetry Quarterly for more than a decade. A controversial figure in many literary debates that shaped the evolution of modern Chinese poetry, immensely influential in Taiwan and China, Luo is the author of twelve volumes of poetry; an equal number of personal anthologies published in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China; five collections of essays; five volumes of literary criticism; and eight book-length translations.


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