The Nature of Myths Revisited

  • Albrecht Classen
Part of the The New Middle Ages book series (TNMA)


Myths are extremely hard to deconstruct, but they do not gain the status of historical truth simply because a majority of people are convinced of their authenticity. For instance, modern debates about the Theory of Evolution and its validity in face of the rather common belief in Intelligent Design (Creationism)—at least on the part of many fundamentalist Christians—falsely assume that both approaches are equally valid. In reality, however, despite all claims by politicians and religious leaders, and nowadays even by some scientists, the former is solidly verified and proven and carries the label “Theory” for specific scientific reasons, whereas the latter is a form of belief, philosophy, or myth. There is no way to authenticate the concept of “Intelligent Design,” though one can, and maybe even should, believe it, but the more the public embraces this notion, the more they remove themselves from the critical, rational discourse and contribute to the cementation of mythical thinking.1


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