Sense and Sensibility: ‘her opinions are all romantic’

  • Ashley Tauchert
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Sense and Sensibility draws to our attention a strong narrative tension between the empirical odds stacked against the possibility of a ‘happy ending’ (characteristic of realism), and the realisation of this ending nonetheless (characteristic of romance). The discrete happiness of the entwined double plots emphasises a dialectical ‘conversion’ of the two sisters. The hitherto ‘romantic’ Marianne’s final happiness is quiet, slow-burning, and discrete: ‘her joy, though sincere as her love for her sister, was of a kind to give neither spirits nor language.’ The hitherto ‘cool’ Elinor’s is passionate and extreme: ‘she found every doubt, every solicitude removed, compared her situation with what so lately it had been … she was overcome by her own felicity; — and happily disposed as is the human mind to be easily familiarized with any change for the better, it required several hours to give sedateness to her spirits, or any degree of tranquillity to her heart’.198


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