Analysing Jealousy Texts from a Psycho-Cultural Perspective

  • Candida Yates


The shifting imagery and emotional narratives of popular cinema provide a rich and varied field for research into gender, emotion and contemporary culture. As a product of mass entertainment and pleasure, films continue to be enormously popular and their narratives have an important role in the shaping of popular fantasy and the construction of gendered identities. As cultural products, films ‘have a special tie to the life of the mind’ (Lebeau, 2001: 3) and, as we saw in Chapter 3, there is already a useful body of work in film studies that has addressed the psychological intensity of the cinematic experience for audiences. The triangular Oedipal structures associated with jealousy narratives have historically played a key role in the history of Hollywood cinema. The jealous subject’s desire to establish control over the other and the voyeuristic aspects of the jealous gaze, share much in common with cine-psychoanalytic theories of the possessive male gaze (Mulvey, 1975).


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