Governmentality, Racism, Affective Technologies of Subjectivity/Self

  • Derek Hook
Part of the Critical Theory and Practice in Psychology and the Human Sciences book series (CTPPHS)


Foucault, as we have by now seen, provides a series of methodological injunctions for the effective analysis of power. He directs our attention to its ‘micro-physics’, its capillary functioning, and urges us to develop a bottom-up grid of analysis with which we might grasp this functionality in the attenuation of individualized forms. He directs our attention also to power’s relational form, to the processes, activities and dynamics that underwrite its procedures. Crucial here are the mechanisms, strategies and techniques it utilizes, its ‘instru-mentality’, the fact of the transposition of certain of its rationalities onto political technologies of subjectivity and self.


Racist System Modern Power Governmental Power Political Rationality Colonial Discourse 
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