Unbinding the Void



Like Meillassoux, Alain Badiou not only declares his fealty to the legacy of Cartesian rationalism; he openly endorses the Enlightenment project of disenchantment.1 For Badiou, the denigration of mathematical rationality in much post-Kantian European philosophy is symptomatic of the sway which Romanticism continues to exert over philosophical sensibility. Where a belated philosophical Romanticism continues to bewail the ‘nihilistic’ consequences incurred by science’s disenchantment of the world and capital’s desecration of the earth, Badiou proposes that philosophy take up the challenge posed to it by the annihilating vectors of science and capital the better to accede to a register of universality capable not only of matching but of surpassing the abstractions of number and the value-form.


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