The French Pastorate: Confessional Identity and Confessionalization in the Huguenot Minority,1559–1685



Historians can hardly avoid fashioning and deploying conceptual models to understand the past. They are part and parcel of the way in which we shape the grand narrative of human history, map its contours, frame its periods and delineate how they relate to one another. The ideas they encapsulate gradually become part of the landscape, difficult to avoid, comforting signposts that tell us where we are; the inner voices, too, that speak to us as we read and seek to interpret the surviving primary evidence. Yet there are hidden hazards with all conceptual models, and historians are rightly on their guard against inadvertently ‘telescoping’ the past by offering plausible explanatory long-term frameworks that caricature historical developments rather than contextualizing them.


Seventeenth Century Sixteenth Century Collective Memory Protestant Church Religious Change 
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