Theory: A Critical Cognitive Framework for Metaphor Research

  • Veronika Koller


This chapter will lay the foundation for the subsequent empirical analyses by presenting an integrated theoretical paradigm that combines cognitive theories of metaphor with critical approaches to language and discourse. Such an approach seems desirable as, up to now, integration of the two areas has been only marginal, to say the least. Metaphor has not been much of an issue in Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) so far, nor have many researchers in cognitive metaphor drawn on the framework of CDA in their work. In view of this situation, metaphor research still has much to gain from incorporating a CDA perspective and thus focusing more on socio-cultural and ideological functions of metaphor. And in contrast, critical approaches to language can be considerably enriched by also taking cognitive aspects into account. One area that is particularly amenable to such an integrated approach is the issue of metaphor and gender in business media discourse.


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