Case Studies from Reality: Technology-based Value Creation in Real-life Acquisitions

  • Valerie Bannert-Thurner


Within the last three chapters it was outlined that an increased innovativeness and the efficient deployment of resources are gaining importance in corporate acquisitions; however, they are not yet mastered. Thus this book has been initiated to better understand the relevant aspects impacting on technology-based value creation in corporate acquisitions (Research Question 1) and to develop applicable concepts which can be integrated into strategic acquisition and integration management to increase its level of mastery (Research Question 2). In order to support this interest, background information on technology and innovation management and on corporate acquisitions was provided in the last two chapters. In this chapter practice is consulted to answer the first research question which was posed in Chapter 1. Thus this chapter aims to identify the aspects relevant to achieve technologybased value creation in corporate acquisitions. This objective is reached by applying the case study methodology according to Yin (1994).


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