The Post-Cold War Secretaryship-General



Typically, post-Cold War UN peace operations have involved peacekeeping, peacemaking and peacebuilding. In accordance with wider conceptions of peace and human security these activities are also considered increasingly within an integrated and comprehensive approach. As the Secretary-General proclaimed, ‘[t]he second generation of peace-keeping is certain to involve not only military but also political, economic, social, humanitarian and environmental dimensions, all in need of a unified and integrated approach.’ 1 The internationalization of human rights appears to be irreversible and pervasive. It was interesting for example that the United States warned that ‘the tension and instability within Nigeria could have an effect on the peace and security of the entire region’.2 Moreover, the International Law Commission’s draft code of crimes against the peace and security of mankind reflects a much broader approach to the subject than that of traditional thinking.3 It is also worth noting that the Permanent Five members of the Security Council declared that ‘sustainable development is indispensable to the achievement and maintenance of peace and security among and between nations’.4


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