The Framework and Functions of the Office



It is possible to regard the Secretaryship-General as an Office which has developed, or evolved, its procedural and political status over a number of years. This development may not always be positive or measurable, but it is perceptible, and it can in some manner be paralleled to developments in its organizational and international environments. The corollary of the idea of development is that there is an element of continuity in the Office’s role and prerogatives, either within one term of Office, or over a number of Office-holders. Thus, it is possible to think in terms of procedural development and task expansion, or a contrary trend; the contraction of the role of the Office is also possible. The Secretaryship-General, both personally and institutionally, has a history, and there will be few occasions when an Office-holder addresses a case, or an issue in a case, completely afresh. Whether in a positive or a negative sense, a Secretary-General acts with a personal reputation and an accumulation of procedural norms behind him.


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