The European Commission and the Integration of Food Safety Policies across Levels

  • Trygve Ugland
  • Frode Veggeland
Part of the Palgrave Studies in European Union Politics book series (PSEUP)


Regulation of food safety has a long and troubled history in the European Union (EU). However, a fragmented and restricted framework of actions has, over time, been replaced by a more comprehensive and integrated approach to food safety at the EU level (Ugland and Veggeland 2004, 2006). This reorientation reflects two interrelated developments. First, despite its cross-cutting nature and its obvious links to agriculture, consumer affairs, the internal market, external trade, public health, and other sectors, food safety has increasingly been recognized as an independent subject area.1 Second, food safety has gone from being the sole responsibility of the member states to being an area of shared responsibility, characterized by cooperative arrangements between national administrations and the EU. These two developments reveal an increased status of food safety at the EU level vis-à-vis both other subject areas and the member states.


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