Exploring/Exploding the Boundaries of Inclusive Teaching: Social Class Confronts Race and Gender

  • Phyllis Charlotte Brown


It was supposed to be just a one-time, short-term community service assignment that I had accepted, connected to my faculty work in training teachers at Lesley University. As I prepared to teach study skills for the Alternative Education Program (AEP) in Providence, Rhode Island, I was both anxious and resistant—not only because this was a new challenge but also because I had resolved to act in a way that was completely at odds with the values and perspectives that I usually teach my Lesley University student teachers. I was determined not to concern myself with the sociopolitical backgrounds of my AEP students. My focus would be on teaching study skills: that was all they were going to get from me. Diversity, social class, personal, or school issues would not be my concern. By taking this unlikely stance, I was betraying my own long-held belief that a teacher should care about where her students come from, who they are as individuals, and what they have faced in life.


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