Journalism: Structures and Motivation

  • Phillip McIntyre


A common misconception that accompanies the common-sense view of creativity is that a person, in order to be creative, must have little or no restrictions on their activity. To be free to act and think in any way desirable is seen as the ultimate set of conditions to become creative. No rules, no guidelines, no limits. This however may not necessarily be correct for, as we have seen earlier, creativity may well be the result of the necessary confluence of a set of factors and circumstances that may involve not only a person but also the structures of a field and domain. It can be claimed that the field, or social organisation one works in, which can range from the society itself to large institutional frameworks such as the state or particular industries through to smaller social organisations such as work teams and the nuclear family unit, can both enhance and constrain the creative process. While this can be seen to be true for radio it can also be claimed to be true for journalism.


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