Popular Music: Creativity and Authenticity

  • Phillip McIntyre


While film and photography have struggled with their attempts to be recognised as ‘Art’, we also should be able to see that the concept of ‘Art’ itself is a culturally specific and somewhat anachronistic one. When we also shine the light of enquiry onto Western popular music we can see that this conception of ‘Art’, as a foundational and often unquestioned assumption linked to notions of creativity by those working within popular music, has led to a set of beliefs, norms and value systems that themselves seem antiquated in the face of current research into creativity. In support of this contention I will argue that, once we reconceptualise creativity based on the research that has been conducted for a number of years now, it also becomes necessary to rethink what may constitute authenticity since, for the popular music art world, one conception may be deeply connected to the other.


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