Introductory Perspectives on Creativity

  • Phillip McIntyre


Creativity is not what most people think it is. The creativity I am about to discuss has been researched from a number of perspectives by a number of disciplines. What each of them has had to contend with is a set of common-sense understandings that often colour the way people deal with their own creative action. None more so than in the case of media practice. This disparity between what the research world thinks creativity is and what the rest of the population thinks is one of the problems researchers strike in using the word ‘creativity’, and then further problems occur in turning that phenomenon of creativity into an object of study. It is one of those words that many people tuck into their lexicon and use as if everybody they encounter understands exactly what they mean. This assumption, that creativity is an unproblematic given, is rarely questioned. In fact it often never occurs to many media scholars or media practitioners, in particular, to question the cultural assumptions on which their understandings of creativity are based.


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