Crisis: The Catalyst for Change

  • Anne O’Brien


Chapters 5, 6, and 7 have explored the nature of the institutionalised tourism development regimes that existed at various periods since the foundation of the Irish state. These institutionalised regimes moved from a cycle of underdevelopment, which lasted until the mid-1980s, to the boom of the Celtic Tiger years, and returned to a crisis situation again in 2008. Although the nature of the interlock of state and private sector policy regimes that existed at each of these junctures has been described in detail in Chapters 5–7, nonetheless a central question remains to be addressed, which is how did regimes shift from one interlock to another or from one development model to another? In addressing this question the analysis returns to the neo-institutionalist literature examined in Chapter 3, but also includes the work of ideational or discursive institutionalists and in particular the work of Colin Hay. This approach addresses a key omission within the developmental or competition state literatures where there is a tendency to present change in ‘synchronic terms as merely the differential outcome between one moment in time and another. Such approaches effectively “freeze” change within a static, comparative, framework that is descriptive rather than explanatory’ (Kerr, 2002: 335). In some regards, much institutionalist literature has also been directed to an examination of continuity rather than change in institutions.


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