Rape and Murder Related

  • Jane Monckton Smith


Sex is now an imperative; it has become the epithet for every intrinsic drive experienced by man in respect of woman however that is expressed, and this is fundamental to the problems identified in this book. We justify a substantial number of violent crimes against women with reference to its meanings, characteristics and qualities. But what is ‘sexual’ in the context of violence against women lacks both lucid definition and observable parameters; to rationalize rape or murder as ‘sexual’ actually tells us very little. Often, and certainly in my data, when men rape or murder women it is reasoned in the media and police narratives that there is an intrinsic motivation; however, the concomitant assumption that an intrinsic motivation is sexual, is a blunt tool with which to try and comprehend so-called sexual murders. It is of critical importance that we expand our commonsense notions of what drives men to be violent to women; ‘sexual’ as an all encompassing explanation which fails to situate that sexuality in its cultural or social context is analytically nebulous and intellectually crude. Jack the Ripper, for example, may have experienced some intrinsic drive to mutilate and kill, it may even be that he felt more comfortable or satisfied mutilating and killing women in particular; it may be an intrinsic or essential drive, but that is not unproblematically sexual.


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