Involving Private Enterprise in Local Development

  • Korel Göymen
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In this discussion of the involvement of private enterprise in local development, the emphasis is clearly local, although linkages will be established with other levels. Development will be understood in its broadest meaning, to refer to any change or improvement which might positively reflect on the quality of life of individuals, communities or nations. Involving private enterprise in local development may take different forms (privatization, tender/contact, build-operate-transfer, leasing, concession, subsidy arrangements, regulatory and tax incentives and so on) but only public-private partnership (PPP), as the most widespread and prevalent instrument, will be dealt with in detail. Again, this topic can be approached from many angles and from the perspective of different disciplines, but in this study, the political science-public administration dimension will be dominant. Finally, the term private enterprise will also occasionally refer to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and institutions of civil society, for the sake of convenience and simplicity.


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