The Crux of Intergovernmental Relations

  • Abie Geldenhuys
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The crux of effective intergovernmental relations in democracies worldwide is the achievement of service excellence in government spheres. The nature and extent of intergovernmental relations in a country directly affect applicable operational activities. On the operational level actions and contributions of specific role-players and government institutions in democratic environments form the foundation for the promotion and facilitation of intergovernmental relations in challenging circumstances. In this regard, local governments across the world are always identified as the most direct sphere of government, influencing the everyday lives of all citizens. Intergovernmental structures and relations involving higher spheres of government are therefore of paramount importance for any kind of service excellence demanded and expected by citizens in a democratic dispensation. This is an expectation shared by citizens worldwide and one of the key issues in reform proposals in countries such as the United States, England and European nations and for that matter also other democratic countries (Hodge, 2000). This is why achieving effective intergovernmental relations is constantly under scrutiny; the key is to create a climate conducive to service excellence and by doing so try to restore faith and trust in government in general.


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