República Boliviana
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The Constitution of the Republic of Bolivia bears date October 28, 1880. By its provisions the executive power is vested in a President, elected for a term of four years by direct popular vote, and not eligible for re-election at the termination of his period of office; while the legislative authority rests with a Congress of two chambers, called the Senate, and the Chamber of Deputies, the suffrage is possessed by all who can read and write. There are 16 Senators elected for six years, and 72 Deputies elected for four years. Both Senators and Deputies are elected by direct vote of the people. Of the Senators one-third retire every two years; of the Deputies one-half retire every two years. Senators and Deputies receive a salary of 300 bolivianos per month during the sittings, which, as a rule, last for 60 days, but may be extended to 90 days. Extraordinary sessions may be held for special purposes. There are a President, two Vice-Presidents and a ministry, divided into five departments —of Foreign Relations and Worship; Finance and Industry; Interior and Fomento; Justice and Education; War and Colonisation.


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