The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

  • J. Scott Keltie
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Victoria, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, and Empress of India, born May 24, 1819, the daughter of Edward, Duke of Kent, fourth son of King George III., and of Princess Victoria of Saxe-Saalfeld-Coburg, widow of Prince Emich Karl of Leiningen. Ascended the throne at the death of her uncle, King William IV., June 20, 1837; crowned at Westminster Abbey, June 28, 1838. Married, Feb. 10, 1840, to Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha; widow, Dec. 14, 1861.


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Statistical and other Books of Reference concerning Great Britain and Ireland

1. Official Publications

  1. Agricultural Returns of Great Britain. Annual. 8. London. Royal Commission on Agriculture, First and Second Reports, Minutes of Evidence (4 vols.), and Reports of Assistant Commissioners on various Counties of England-and Scotland (20 vols.). London, 1896. Final Report of Royal Commission on Land in Wales and Monmouthshire, with Evidence and Appendices (6 vols.), 1890. Returns as to Number and Size of Agricultural Holdings in Great Britain in 1895. London, 1896.Google Scholar
  2. Agricultural Statistics, Ireland. Annual. 8. Dublin. Land Commission (Ireland) Reports. Annual. Dublin.Google Scholar
  3. Army Estimates, Annual. Army Accounts, Annual. Army List, Quarterly. Army : General Annual Return. London.Google Scholar
  4. Births, Deaths, and Marriages in England and Wales; in Scotland ; in Ireland. Annual Reports by the respective Registrars-General.Google Scholar
  5. Canals and Navigations : Returns made to the Board of Trade for 1888. Fol. London, 1890.Google Scholar
  6. Census of England and Wales, 1891. Preliminary Report. London, 1891. General Report and Detailed Returns. 4 vols. London, 1893. Of Scotland, 1891. Report, with Supplement. 2 vols. Edinburgh, 1893.. Of Ireland, 1891. Report. Dublin, 1892.Google Scholar
  7. Consolidated Fund : Abstract Account. Annual. London.Google Scholar
  8. Customs: Report of the Commissioners of H.M.’s. Customs. Annual. 8. London.Google Scholar
  9. Duchy of Cornwall : Annual Accounts. Duchy of Lancaster : Annual Accounts.Google Scholar
  10. Education : Elementary Schools in England and Scotland. Annual Return showing Education Expenditure upon Grants, and Results of Inspection and Examination. 8. London. Annual Reports of Committee of Council on Education in England and Wales ; in Scotland. Annual Report of the Science and Art Department. Annual Report of the Intermediate Education Board for Ireland. Annual Report of the Commissioners of National Education in Ireland. Report of Royal Commission on Secondary Education in England. 9 vols. London, 1895. Annual Reports from University Colleges participating in Grant of 15,0001. Charity Commissioners’ Annual Report on Intermediate Education in Wales.Google Scholar
  11. Electoral Statistics, Annual Return of, in County and Borough Constituencies in England and Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Annual Return of the number of Electors on the Register of each County in England and Wales, in Scotland, and in Ireland. London.Google Scholar
  12. Emigration : Annual Statistical Tables relating to Emigration and Immigration. Annual Emigration Statistics of Ireland.Google Scholar
  13. Factories and Workshops Act : Return of the Number of Factories Authorised to be Inspected, Persons Employed, &c., for 1890. London, 1891. Report of Chief Inspector. Annual. London.Google Scholar
  14. Finance Accounts (Annual) of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Annual Financial Statement. Financial Estimates. Return showing Revenue and Expenditure (England, Scotland, and Ireland) for 1896-97. London, 1897. First Report of Royal Commission on Financial Relations between Great Britain and Ireland ; Evidence (2 vols.) ; Final Report ; London, 1896. National Debt Accounts (Annual). National Debt during 60 years, Annual Return.Google Scholar
  15. Fish Conveyed Inland by Railway : Annual Return. London. Reports of Inspectors of Sea Fisheries, and of Salmon Fisheries. Annual. London.Google Scholar
  16. Income Tax Assessments : Annual Returns.Google Scholar
  17. Geological Survey, Annual Report. By Sir A. Geikie. London.Google Scholar
  18. Inland Revenue : Report of the Commissioners on the Duties under their Management for the years 1856 to 1869, with some Retrospective History and complete Tables of Accounts of the Duties from their first Imposition. 2 vols. Fol. pp. 168 and 219. London, 1870.Google Scholar
  19. Inland Revenue : Report of the Commissioners. Annual. 8. London.Google Scholar
  20. Judicial Statistics of England and Wales ; of Scotland ; of Ireland. Annual.Google Scholar
  21. Labour Department of Board of Trade ; Annual Report. Annual Report on Trades Unions. Reports on Strikes and Lock-outs ; on Changes in Wages, &c.; on Co-operative Contracts. Registrar’s Reports on Friendly Societies ; on Industrial and Provident Societies ; on Trades Unions. The Actuary’s Report on Sickness, &c, in Registered Friendly Societies (2 Parts, 1880 and 1896).Google Scholar
  22. Local Government : England and Wales ; Scotland ; Ireland ; Annual Reports.Google Scholar
  23. Local Taxation Returns : England ; Scotland ; Ireland.Google Scholar
  24. Merchant Shipping : Tables showing the Progress of British Merchant Shipping. Annual. Navigation and Shipping. Annual Statement. London.Google Scholar
  25. Militia : Return showing Establishment of each Regiment. Annual. London.Google Scholar
  26. Mineral Statistics (Annual) of Great Britain and Ireland, 3 parts. Part I., District Statistics ; Part II., Labour ; Part III., Labour.—Inspectors’ Annual Reports, 13 parts.— List (Annual) of Mines worked.Google Scholar
  27. Mint Report. Annual. London.Google Scholar
  28. Navigation and Shipping of the United Kingdom, Annual Statement of. Imp. 4. London.Google Scholar
  29. Navy : Return. Sea-going war-ships, &c. London, 1896. Navy : Statistical Report on the Health of the Navy. Annual. Navy List. Quarterly.Google Scholar
  30. Police : Reports of Inspectors of Constabulary for England and Wales, and for Scotland. Annual. London. Dublin Police Statistics. Annual. Dublin.Google Scholar
  31. Poor Law, England : Annual Report of Local Government Board. 8. London. Poor Rates and Pauperism, Annual Returns Relating to. London. Poor Relief, Scotland : Annual Report of Commissioners. 8. Edinburgh. Ireland: Report of Local Government Board for Ireland. Annual. 8. Dublin.Google Scholar
  32. Post Office : Report of the Postmaster-General. Annual. 8. London.Google Scholar
  33. Prisons, Reports on, for England and Wales, for Scotland, for Ireland. Annual. London.Google Scholar
  34. Railway Companies of the United ‘Kingdom, Annual Report. Railway and Canal Commission, Annual Report.Google Scholar
  35. Railway Returns for England and Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. Annual. Fol. London.Google Scholar
  36. Reformatory and Industrial Schools of Great Britain ; of Ireland ; Annual Reports of Inspectors.Google Scholar
  37. Roll of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal. Annual. London.Google Scholar
  38. Savings Banks, Annual Returns. Trustee Savings Banks, Annual Report on Transactions of each Bank.Google Scholar
  39. Statistical Abstract for the United Kingdom. Annual. 8. London.Google Scholar
  40. Trade of the United Kingdom with Foreign Countries and British Possessions, Annual Statement of. Statistical Tables (Annual) showing Progress of British Trade and Production, Trade of British Empire and Foreign Competition. Despatch to Governors of Colonies, and Replies. London, 1897.Google Scholar
  41. Volunteer Corps : Annual Returns. London.Google Scholar
  42. Woods, Forests, and Land Revenues : Annual Report of the Commissioners. Fol. London.Google Scholar
  43. Yeomanry Cavalry Training Return. Annual. London.Google Scholar

2. Non-Official Publications

  1. Ackland (A. H. Dyke), Handbook in Outline of the Political History of England. London, 1895.Google Scholar
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