Great Britain and Ireland

  • Frederick Martin
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Victoria I., Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, born at Kensington Palace, London, May 24, 1819, the daughter of Edward, Duke of Kent, fourth son of King George III., and of Princess Victoria of Saxe-Saalfeld-Coburg, widow of Prince Emich of Leiningen. Ascended the throne at the death of her uncle, King William IV., June 20, 1837; crowned at Westminster Abbey, June 28, 1838. Married, Feb. 10, 1840, to Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha; widow, Dec. 14, 1861.


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Statistical and other Books of Reference concerning Great Britain and Ireland.

1. Official Publioitions.

  1. Accounts of the net Public Income and Expenditure of Great Britain, in each financial year from 1688, the Period of the Revolution, to 5th January 1801, the Period of the Union between Great Britain and Ireland; and similar accounts of the gross Public Income and Expenditure of the United Kingdom, for each financial year from 3th January 1801 to the present time. In two Parts. Part I.—Great Britain and Ireland separately. Part II.—United Kingdom. 2 vols., fol. pp. 1212. London, 1871.Google Scholar
  2. Accounts relating to Trade and Navigation of the United Kingdom for the twelve months ended 31st December 1874. Pol. pp. 74. London, 1875.Google Scholar
  3. Accounts relating to Trade and Navigation of the United Kingdom for the nine months ended 30th Sept. 1875. 8. pp. 66. London, November, 1875.Google Scholar
  4. Agricultural Returns of Great Britain for 1873, with abstract tables for the United Kingdom, British Possessions, and Foreign Countries. 8. pp. 74. London, 1874.Google Scholar
  5. Agricultural Holdings in Ireland: Returns showing the number and the tenure by which they are held by the occupiers. Pol. pp. 20. Dublin, 1870.Google Scholar
  6. Agricultural Statistics of Ireland : Tables for 1873. Fol. pp. 308. Dublin, 1875.Google Scholar
  7. Annual Statement of the Trade of the United Kingdom with Foreign Countries andBritish Possessions in the year 1874. Imp. 4. pp. 2S3. London, 1875.Google Scholar
  8. Army Estimates of Effective and Non-Effective Services for 1875–76. Fol. pp. 181. London, 1875.Google Scholar
  9. Births, Deaths, and jtfarriages in England: 36th Report of Registrar-General. 8. pp. 570. London, 1875.Google Scholar
  10. Births, Deaths, and Marriages in England : Table for 1874. Pol. pp. 8. Londen, 1875.Google Scholar
  11. Births, Deaths, and Marriages in Scotland : 20th Report of Registrar-General. 3. pp. 82. Edinburgh, 1875.Google Scholar
  12. Births, Deaths, and Marriages in Ireland: 9th Repcrt of Registrar-General. 8. pp. 142. Dublin, 1875.Google Scholar
  13. British Customs Tariff, 1870, and Statistics of the Customs Revenue and Foreign Commerce of the United Kingdom, from 1810 to 1869. 8. pp. 8. London, 1870.Google Scholar
  14. Census of England and Wales, taken on the 3rd April 1871. Fol. pp. 107. London, 1871.Google Scholar
  15. Census for Ireland for the year 1871. Fol. pp. 11. Dublin, 1871.Google Scholar
  16. Census of Scotland, 1871. Fol. pp. 36G. Edinburgh, 1872.Google Scholar
  17. Civil Service Estimates for the year 1875–76. Fol. pp. 576. London, 1875.Google Scholar
  18. Colonies : Report of the present state of Her Majesty’s Colonial Possessions. Three parts. Part I. West Indies, pp. 164. Part II. Eastern Colonies, pp. 138. Part III. North American Colonies; African Settlements; Australian Colonies and New Zealand; and Mediterranean Possessions, pp. 193. 8. London, 1872.Google Scholar
  19. Colonies : Return of the Cost of the several Colonies of the British Empire at the expense of the British Exchequer. Fol. pp. 12. London, 1875.Google Scholar
  20. Colonies: Papers relating to Her Majesty’s Colonial Possessions. In two Parts. Part I. 1874, pp. 252. Part II. 1874, pp. 208. 8. London, 1874.Google Scholar
  21. Customs : 19 th Report of the Commissioners of H. M.’s Customs. 8. pp. 152. London, 1875.Google Scholar
  22. Duchy of Cornwall : Accounts of Receipts and Disbursements in the year 1874. Pol. pp. 8. London, 1875.Google Scholar
  23. Duchy of Lancaster: Accounts of Receipts and Disbursements in the year 1874. Fol. pp. 8. London, 1875.Google Scholar
  24. Ecclesiastical Commission: 27th Report, with Appendix. 8. pp. 114. Lon don, 1875.Google Scholar
  25. Education : Report of Committee of Council on Education for 1874–75. 8. pp.828. London, 1875.Google Scholar
  26. Electors : Return of the number of Electors on the register of each country in England and Wales, in Scotland, and in Ireland, Fol. pp. 8. London, 1875.Google Scholar
  27. Emigration : 35th Report of the Commissioners of Emigration. 8. pp. 180. London, 1875.Google Scholar
  28. Finance Accounts of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland for the financial year ended 31st March 1875. Fol. pp. 74. London, 1875.Google Scholar
  29. Income and Property Tax : Return of the Amount of Income and Property Tax under Schedules A, B, C, D, and E, in England and Wales, Ireland, and Scotland for the year 1814, and in each of the years 1842 to 1873. Fol. pp. 4. London, 1875.Google Scholar
  30. Inland Revenue : Report of Commissioners on the Duties under their Management for the years 1856 to 1869, with some Retrospective History and complete Tables of Accounts of the duties from their first imposition. 2 vols. Fol, pp. 168 and 219. London, 1870.Google Scholar
  31. Iron-plated Ships and Batteries. Return of ships and batteries building or ordered to bo built. Fol. pp. 4. London, 1874.Google Scholar
  32. Judicial Statistics of England and Wales for 1874. 4. pp. 258. London, 1875.Google Scholar
  33. Judicial Statistics of Ireland for 1874. Parts I. and II, Fol. pp. 236. London, 1875.Google Scholar
  34. Lands and Heritages in Scotland : Return of the name and address of every owner of one acre of land and upwards in extent in the year 1872–73. Fol. pp. 212. Edinburgh, 1874.Google Scholar
  35. Merchant Shipping : Tables showing the Progress of British Merchant Shipping. Fol. pp. 48. London, 1875.Google Scholar
  36. Miscellaneous Statistics of the United Kingdom. Part VIII. Fol. pp. 438. London, 1873.Google Scholar
  37. National Education in Ireland : 40th Report of the Commissioners for the year 1873. Fol. pp. 352. London, 1874.Google Scholar
  38. Navy Estimates for the year 1875–76, with Appendix. Fol, pp. 223. London. 1875.Google Scholar
  39. Navy : Statistical Report on the Health of, for 1873. 8. pp. 622. London, 1875.Google Scholar
  40. Poor Law, England: 4th Report of Local Government Board. 8. pp. 592. London, 1875.Google Scholar
  41. Poor Belief, Scotland : 29th Report of Commissioners. 8. pp. 320. Edinburgh, 1875.Google Scholar
  42. Poor Belief, Ireland : 3rd Report of Local Government Board for Ireland. 8. pp.216. Dublin, 1875.Google Scholar
  43. Post Office: 21st Report of the Postmaster-General. 8. pp. 41. London. 1875.Google Scholar
  44. Post Office Telegraphs : Beport to the Postmaster-General, by Mr. F. I. Scudamore, Fol. pp. 260. London, 1872.Google Scholar
  45. Public Accounts : Report from the Committee. Fol. pp. 242. London, 1874.Google Scholar
  46. Public Income and Expenditure : Account for year ended 31st March 1875 Fol. pp. 4. London, 1875.Google Scholar
  47. Public Health : Report of the Medical Officer. 8. pp. 32. London, 1874.Google Scholar
  48. Public Records : 36th Report of the Commissioners, 8. pp. 558. London, 1875.Google Scholar
  49. Railway Companies of the United Kingdom; General Report by Captain Tyler in regard the share and loan capital, the traffic, &c., for the year 1874. Fol. pp. 17. London, 1875.Google Scholar
  50. Railway Returns for England and Wales, Scotland and Ireland for the year 1874. Fol. pp. 91. London, 1875.Google Scholar
  51. Reformatory and Industrial Schools : 18th Report of Commissioners. 8. pp. 328. London, 1875.Google Scholar
  52. Statistical Abstract for the United Kingdom in each of the fifteen years from 1860 to 1874. No. 24. 8. pp. 129. London, 1875.Google Scholar
  53. Statistical Abstract for the several Colonial and other Possesions of the United Kingdom in each year from 1859 to 1873. No. 11. 8. pp. 104. London, 1875.Google Scholar
  54. Statistical Abstract for the Principal Foreign Countries, in each year from 1860 to 1872. Part I. 8. pp. 67. London, 1874.Google Scholar
  55. Statistical Abstract relating to British India from 1865 to 1874 No 8 8. pp. 81. London, 1875.Google Scholar
  56. Taxation in England and Wales; Return for the financial year 1814–15 and for each of the financial years from 1842–43 to 1873–74. Fol. pp. 4. London, 1875.Google Scholar
  57. Weights and Measures : 8th Report of the Warden for 1873–74. 8. pn 105 London, 1874.Google Scholar
  58. Woods, Forests, and Land Revenues : 53nd Report of the Commissioners. Fol. pp. 206. London, 1875.Google Scholar

2. Non-Official Publications.

  1. Baxter (Dudley), The Taxation of the United Kingdom. 8. London, 1869.Google Scholar
  2. Burrows (Montagu), Constitutional Progress. 8. London, 1869.Google Scholar
  3. Clodc (Charles M.), History of the Administration and Government of the British Army, from the Revolution of 1688. 2 vols. 8. London, 1869–70.Google Scholar
  4. Creasy (Sir Edward), The Imperial and Colonial Constitutions of the Britannic Empire, including Indian Institutions. 8. London, 1872.Google Scholar
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  19. Todd (Al.), On Parliamentary Government in England. 2 vols. 8. London, 1867–69.Google Scholar

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