Epilogue: ‘1968’ and ‘America’

  • Christoph Hendrik Müller
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Much of this book has been concerned with right-wing anti-Americanism, although this study has shown that some of the initially right-wing and often Weimar Conservative discourse reached well into the political centre, sometimes taking in Social Democrats, Social-Liberals and liberal-leaning Christian Democrats. Previous chapters were mainly concerned with the ‘long 1950s’, and the thorough archival research conducted for this study has not unearthed much evidence for genuinely left-wing anti-Americanism in that period. General historiography agrees that ‘[t]he German left [in the FRG] did not enter the debate over the rapid spread of American popular culture until the 1960s’.1 Nor was the Left prominent in many other genres of anti-American discourse analysed here. Some overlaps between Schmittian thought and neo-Marxist — especially Frankfurt School — rejections of liberal democracy were obvious, but these were not primarily an attempt to deploy ‘America’ as a smokescreen on which the alleged deficiencies in modern West Germany were projected.


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