Rejection of the Republic — Democracy and Capitalism

  • Christoph Hendrik Müller
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On the ideological front, the input of some supposedly ‘American’ ideas in Western Germany was all too obvious, but also very hard to grasp. What indeed was the ‘American’ world-view? And how much of that world-view was merely a re-import of indigenous European ideas? What was it, on the ideological front, that the US occupational government brought to Germany? Democracy is an obvious answer. Nevertheless, democracy is as much a highly contested concept as modernisation itself. As this chapter shows, some contemporaries criticised the USA for superimposing parliamentary democracy on Western Germany, although it did not, according to the critics, suit the German tradition. Others alleged that even the Americans themselves had not been able to introduce a proper parliamentary democracy in their own country, a country the German critics saw as being governed by big business and ‘Wall Street’ rather than the people.


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