Riding the Waves: Feminism, Lesbian and Gay Politics, and the Transgender Debates

  • Sally Hines


The social movements of the 1960s have been well documented in relation to the impact upon the political cultures and the lived experiences of women (Mitchell 1973; Allen et al. 1974; Rowbotham et al. 1981; Wilson 1982; Rowbotham 2000) and sexual minorities (D’Emillo 1983, 2004; D’Emilio and Freedman 1988; Weeks 2000, 2007; Carter 2004). Yet the role of transgender people in these social transformations has received scant attention. Alongside other chapters in this volume that articulate the ‘other voices’ excluded from dominant discourses of 1968, this chapter will address the role of transgender people in the social and political changes of this time.


Sexual Minority Identity Politics Queer Theory Gender Recognition Trans People 
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