Memorializing Socialist Contradictions: A ‘Think-Mark’ for Rosa Luxemburg in the New Berlin

  • Riccardo Bavaj


Since September 2006, dozens of anthracite concrete bars, sunk into the ground and up to 7 metres long, have been loosely scattered around Berlin’s Volksbühne (People’s Theatre), right in the centre of Germany’s capital (Figure 24).1 Each bar carries a single statement, in laser-cut bronze letters, followed by a single name, that of Rosa Luxemburg (1871–1919), socialist revolutionary and co-founder of the German Communist Party (KPD). About 60 statements, taken from speeches, articles, and letters written by Luxemburg between 1898 and January 1919 (the month in which she was murdered by members of the notorious Freikorps militia), can be encountered during a stroll across the very square that bears her name.


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