Other Industry Aspects

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This chapter continues the theme of risk through a focus on the industry. The second section canvasses a variety of issues: aspects of PMSC business culture, industry costs, corporate notions of human rights responsibilities; the sensitive relationship between a UN company legion and NGO and UN aid providers; contractor co-operation with regional forces’ deployments; litigation risk and the ethics of workers’ compensation in light of mixed experiences in Iraq;corporate influence on a UN security agenda; and speculations as to what forms future industry growth might assume. The third section scrutinises claims made by an industry representative on behalf of his constituency. These claims concern imposing assertions as to capacity; some less than wholly accurate views as to regulation; and a perception of industry legitimacy that may be somewhat expedient. The fourth section concerns a recent industry plan to assist the UN in an African deployment. The proposal is helpful as it enables the reader to consider some particular claims rather than view the industry case in general terms.


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