The Power of Classification

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This listing above of different dances and dance related items is, in Michel Foucault’s words, a ‘linking together of things that are inappropriate’ (1973: xvii). One can marvel at the manner in which Foucault develops his ideas on classification in The Order of Things, based on his reading of a passage in a book by Luis Borges. What occupies Foucault’s thoughts is a fictitious entry on animals in a Chinese Encyclopedia. He interprets the Chinese taxonomy created by Borges as ‘thought without space […] words and categories that lack all life and place,’ located in a geographical site that the West conceives as a ‘vast reservoir of utopias’ (1973: xix).1 Utopia should be understood here as a non-space, lacking order. In Foucault’s reading this taxonomy does not categorize things in a manner that enables us to name, speak, and think.


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