Citywide Interventions



This is the first of the case study chapters. It deals with broader interventions related to city regeneration, neighbourhood upgrading and community development. The other case study chapters focus on more specific interventions, necessary for housing and other buildings, for roads, utilities and social services such as health and education. In all cases, it is important that the interventions are seen as part of a broad framework of sustainable urban development. Therefore, this chapter begins with a section on such a framework, which serves as a background for the other sections as well as for the following chapters. Next, the present chapter looks at what types of citywide interventions are needed in order to achieve sustainability objectives. In particular we shall focus on interventions in terms of urban regeneration aimed at economic and physical redevelopment of cities before addressing more briefly interventions for social development and environmental protection. The chapter will then proceed to examine the potential role of CSR for citywide and community level interventions before providing an overall conclusion to the debate as a whole.


Corporate Social Responsibility Urban Development Informal Settlement United Nations Development Programme Servant Leadership 
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