A Regional Platform for Alternative Governance: What Roles for the IFIs?

  • Pia Riggirozzi
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The impact of major international economic institutions such as the IMF, the World Bank and the WTO on developing countries is a recurrent question in the work of political scientists, economists, activists and practitioners. For the last two decades, a heated debate about these institutions has centred almost exclusively on their apparent lack of progress in fostering growth and sustainable development in the developing world. Questions were raised concerning the ways and extent to which these organizations improve or hinder the lives of the poor in developing countries. The mixed records of the IFIs’ programmes on economic and social outcomes in the developing world were emphatically denounced (see Mosley et al. 1995; Easterly 2001; Stiglitz 2002; Vreeland 2003). The analyses developed in previous chapters pointed at these questions by featuring modalities of intervention of the IFIs in politically sensitive reforms related to governance. It was argued that when the IFIs’ staff engage with local actors for the setting and implementation of development agendas the goal of ‘good’ governance is likely to be served according to local realities. In contrast, the imposition of best practices — of the perception of it — on the ground caught IFIs’ staff in political deadlocks and struggles over meaning and practices with the local actors.


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